Cast iron Thermoccouple ceramic tube

Cast iron Thermoccouple ceramic tube

★ High productivity
★ High degree of automation of hot - chamber die - casting machine, less material loss, higher efficiency than cold - chamber die - casting machine
★ Application:
Casting production of low melting point materials such as zinc alloy and magnesium alloy.

Product Details


The thermocouple protection tube is a sleeve that protects the thermocouple core.

  1. The thermocouple is a commonly used temperature measuring element in temperature measuring instruments. It directly measures the temperature and converts the temperature signal into a thermoelectromotive force signal, which is converted into the temperature of the measured medium through an electrical instrument (secondary instrument).

  2. The appearance of various thermocouples is often very different due to needs, but their basic structure is roughly the same. They are usually composed of main parts such as hot electrodes, insulating sleeve protection tubes, and junction boxes. They are usually combined with display instruments, recording instruments and The electronic regulator is used in conjunction.

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