Cast Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Cast Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Product Name: Cast Stainless Steel Ball Valve
Material: 304
Casting Weight: 7.8KG
Standards: ASTM,AISI,DIN,BS,and JIS

Product Details

Detailed description

Casting process

  Gravity die casting, Sand casting, Low pressure die casting, 

  Die casting, Cast copper, Cast stainless steel

Material srandrad  GB. ASTM. AISI. DIN. BS. JIS.
Minimum Order  Quantity  100
Packaging Details  Carton and Wood
Casting dimension tolerance  CT8
Casting surface roughness  Ra5.4~12.5
Annual production  2000 tons
Payment Terms  T/T, LC
Delivery Time  4 weeks


First, the main difference between high temperature ball valve and the ball valve manufacturing process is different;

Second, the difference between the seal: The general temperature ball valve is soft seal seat; high temperature is a hard seal (metal or mechanical carbon and ceramic, etc.), and the valve trim material is better than the soft seal;

Third, the material handling: After normal temperature ball valve lathe can be processed directly into the assembly; high temperature ball valve also have to be dealt with (because of different materials processing technology is not the same, such as nitriding, spraying, etc., here is not to say in detail );

Fourth, the assembly: After the ball at room temperature to get the parts can be assembled; high temperature ball valve needs to be ground ball and seat, this sequence is also critical, the size of the leakage by grinding.

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