The Journey To Wudang Mountain

- Jun 10, 2013-

On the occasion of the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, our company leadership arranged a blow out of the long journey for all staff , let everybody enjoy the two days of aerobic exercise, give everyone infinite chance to relax the body and mind.


The event was scheduled for June 2 and 3, 2013, before the Dragon Boat Festival, which just avoided the huge crowds of people during the festive season. Our destination is wudang mountain in hubei province.


Wudang mountain is also known as taishan mountain and the mountain, which is a famous Taoist shrine in China and is the first national key scenic spot. Wudang mountain, in the 800 li, its natural scenery, mainly male, has the multiple characteristics of qiuxiu. Since the yuan dynasty, there have been 72 peaks, 36 rocks, 24 streams, 11 holes, 3 pools, 9 springs, 10 stones, 9 Wells, 10 pools, 9 etc. The main peak is 1,612 meters above sea level, like a golden pillar of gold in the sky, standing on top of the peaks. Surrounding its surrounding mountains, from the four sides of the main peak tilt, formed a unique "72 peaks to the great roof, 24 streams of water" natural wonders. It is known as "the first mountain in the world.


Wudang mountain, as a national key scenic area, the national 5 a-class tourist scenic spot, the national martial arts of the township, one of the eight major summer resort, its ancient architectural complexes was listed in the United Nations world cultural heritage list, and successively won the title of "national civilized scenic area" and the title of "national civilized scenery tourist area demonstration site". In 2009, wudang was selected as the first mountain of Chinese Taoism in the China world records association.

My company chairman Mr Zhou Yi led us to the South Peak (Tianzhu Peak), the company staff with the goal of solidarity, scaling new heights, conquered the town, climb to the peak, enjoy in busy big city feel pure and fresh and generous, completely in fairmount, heartily breathe fresh air, let the heart get relax. After this trip, the staff of our company is more cohesive, and we will focus on the company's leadership and make the company stronger and stronger.