Coordinate measuring instrument

Coordinate measuring instrument

Measuring equipment indispensable for industrial testing and quality control.

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Widely used in automotive, electronics, metal, plastic, mold and other industries, the workpiece size, shape and shape tolerances for precision testing, thus completing the parts testing, shape measurement, process control and other tasks.

Measurement of geometric elements including point, line, face, circle, sphere, cylinder, cone, etc .; curve, surface scan, support spot scanning function, IGES file data output, CAD nominal data definition, ASCII text data input, Curve scan, profile analysis in accordance with tolerance definition. The calculation of geometric tolerances includes straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindricity, verticality, inclination, parallelism, position, symmetry, concentricity, etc .; support for traditional data output report, graphical test report , Graphics data notes, data labels and other output output.

Coordinate Measuring Instrument

Other Testing Facilities 

▲ Spectrophotometer;

▲ Tensile test machine; 

▲ Brinell's machine;

▲ CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine);

▲ Metallographic experimental grinding and polishing machine;

▲ Carbon Validation instrument;

▲ Double tube carbon validation furnace;

▲ Metallographic; 

▲ Universal hydraulic testing machine.

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