Low Pressure Sand Casting

Low Pressure Sand Casting

★ Slowly into the crucible furnace into the dry compressed air, metal liquid by the role of gas pressure, from bottom to top along the riser and pouring system filled with cavity.

Product Details

low pressure sand casting


● Non-ferrous metal castings with high casting precision or quality requirements, general shape and large batch production can be selected.

● When the inner cavity of the casting is complex and the metal core cannot be used, the sand core can be used and the outer metal mold can be used.

● For large and medium castings with low precision requirements, sand mold can be used for single or small batch production.

● Casting precision requirements are high, can be used in batch production shell.

● Ceramic type is suitable for large and medium casting with high precision.

● Melting model shell is suitable for small and medium-sized castings with complex shape and high precision.

● For single and small batch castings with special requirements, gypsum type, graphite type, etc.

Mold used in low-pressure casting

1. Metal type

The metal type is mostly used for large - scale production of non - ferrous metal castings.

2. Non-metallic type

Non-metallic casting is mainly used for single small batch production, such as sand mold, graphite mold, gypsum mold, ceramic mold and melting model shell can be used for low-pressure casting, while sand mold is mainly used in production. However, the air permeability and strength of sand moulding materials for low-pressure casting shall be high when pouring, and the gas in the mold cavity is completely discharged by the exhaust duct and sand pore.

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