Low Pressure Die Casting

Low Pressure Die Casting

★good labor conditions
high production efficiency
easy to realize mechanization and automation

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Low Pressure die casting


1) pure metal liquid filling, improving the purity of the casting. As the slag generally floats on the surface of the metal liquid, the metal liquid under the crucible is cast by low-pressure casting through the riser pipe to realize filling, completely avoiding the possibility of the slag entering the mold cavity.

2) the metal liquid filling is stable, which reduces or avoids the tripping, impact and spatter of the metal liquid during the filling, and thus reduces the formation of oxidized slag.

3) good molding property of the casting, and the metal liquid filling under pressure can improve the fluidity of the metal liquid, which is conducive to forming the castings with clear contour and smooth surface, and more favorable for the forming of large thin-walled castings.

4) the casting solidifies under pressure, which can be fully reinforced and compacted.

5) the recovery rate of metal liquid is improved, generally no need of risers is required, and the non-congealed metal in the riser can be recycled to crucible, so that the recovery rate of metal liquid is greatly increased, generally up to 90%.

6) convenient production operation, good labor conditions, high production efficiency, easy to realize mechanization and automation


Production of pin alloy, magnesium alloy parts, such as automotive industry wheel, cylinder body of internal combustion engine, cylinder head, piston, missile shell, impeller, wind guide, such as complex shape, high quality castings.

When using low pressure casting to produce cast steel, such as cast steel wheels, the riser pipe shall use special refractory.

Low pressure casting can also be applied to small copper alloy castings, such as pipe fittings, plug taps in bathrooms.

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