The casting industry should attach importance to environmental protection

- Feb 07, 2018-

Regardless of the size, the foundry enterprises should pay more attention to environmental protection, try to save energy consumption and reduce pollution, and lay a solid foundation for "green" casting in the 12th five-year plan.

Learned, foundry enterprises industrial developed countries used in environmental protection investment accounts for twenty percent to thirty percent of the whole casting enterprise pension investment, but only five percent to eight percent in our country, this suggests that our country casting average energy efficiency and emissions and abroad, by contrast, there are still some distance, at present society strongly advocate low carbon economy and green economy, under the premise of the foundry industry more needs more efforts to energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Since the "18th national congress" has put forward the slogan of building beautiful homeland, the state has paid more and more attention to the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry. However, since China's energy consumption has been very serious for a long time, it has caused serious pollution to the environment. Therefore, the construction of a beautiful home requires the efforts of various industries, and the foundry industry is no exception.

The working conditions in foundry industry are very bad, and the environment is very good. The waste water, waste, dust and noise emitted by foundry enterprises in the process of production have had a great impact on the life and work of the residents around the enterprise. Waste water enterprises surrounding water metamorphism, seriously affect the growth of plants, waste gas cause the loss of enterprises around the resident air quality greatly, dust and noise have no way to bear, so all of this has caused the life and health of residents of the very big threat.

, according to reports in the foundry industry in our country determines the energy conservation and emissions reduction and the development way of lower energy consumption, environmental protection has become the key tasks for the development of foundry industry, and the establishment of environmental protection consciousness, also prompted foundry industry is stepping up efforts to reduce energy consumption, this gives the performance of environmental protection and energy saving equipment put forward the more strict requirements, only to production of high-tech content of environmental protection equipment can meet the current market demand. In addition, water pollution control, waste disposal and other environmental protection areas also provide a very large space for the development of environmental protection equipment. However, in the premise of revitalizing the foundry industry, the demand of energy saving and environmental protection equipment is an important factor for the stable growth of environmental protection equipment.

However, it is an important and urgent problem for the whole industry to build the foundry enterprises with resource conservation and energy conservation and environmental protection. By the industry and the relevant experts more than 10 years of scientific experiments, casting industry in China gradually absorb foreign advanced technology, summarizes its own level, has basically solved the quality of the products not up to standard, the foundry industry serious pollution to the environment problem. This is mainly the improvement and innovation on foundry equipment.

Energy conservation and environmental protection will become the principle and target of the future development of China's foundry industry, and it is also an important performance of the foundry industry to meet the development needs of The Times. In the future development, the development path of energy conservation, emission reduction and low energy consumption of China's foundry industry will lead to a more sustainable development of China's foundry industry.