Learn about casting in few minutes

- Nov 01, 2018-

Die casting

A metal casting process characterized by applying high pressure to molten metal using a mold cavity. Molds are usually made of stronger alloys, a process somewhat similar to injection molding.

die casting

Sand casting

Sand mold casting requires placing the finished part model or wooden model in the sand, and then filling the sand around the model. After the model is taken out of the box, the sand is formed into a casting mold.

In order to remove the model before casting the metal, the mold should be made into two or more parts; In the process of mold making, the holes and vents for casting metal inside the mold must be set aside for the synthetic pouring system. After pouring the metal liquid into the mold, keep it for a reasonable time until the metal solidifies. After the parts are removed, the molds are destroyed, so new molds must be made for each piece.

sand casting

Gravity die casting

The essence of the method is to make the liquid or semi-liquid metal fill the die casting (die casting mold) cavity at a high speed under high pressure, and to form and solidify under pressure.

gravity die casting

Low pressure casting

Low-pressure casting is a casting process that allows liquid metal to be filled from bottom to top under the action of a small pressure (20~80kPa) and solidifies into shape under this pressure.

low pressure casting

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