Gravity Die Casting

Gravity Die Casting

★ High productivity
★ High degree of automation of hot - chamber die - casting machine, less material loss, higher efficiency than cold - chamber die - casting machine
★ Application:
Casting production of low melting point materials such as zinc alloy and magnesium alloy.

Product Details


gravity die casting

Gravity die casting is a casting process in which the melt is poured from above into a permanent metal mold through a sprue. The mold is filled through the effect of gravity alone, which involves the pouring of molten metal into a preheated custom mould using gravity.


1. With less air holes in the casting, heat treatment can be carried out. The strength of the product can be improved greatly after heat treatment.

2. Low density. The compactness of the product is lower than that of die casting and its strength is slightly worse, but its elongation is higher.

3. The surface finish of the product is not high. After cooling and contracting, the surface of the casting product is easy to form a pit which is similar to shot blasting.

4. Slow filling and low production efficiency. Its production efficiency is only about 1/4 of that of high-pressure casting, resulting in high product cost.

5. The die life is longer than the die casting, and the die cost is low;

6. Simpler process;

7. It is not suitable for thin wall parts production.

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