Cast Aluminium Switch

Cast Aluminium Switch

Material: A380, aluminum alloy
Casting Weight: 0.14KG
Casting Process: Die Casting
Standards: AISI

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Product Details

Detailed description

Casting process

  Gravity die casting, Sand casting, Low pressure die casting, 

  Die casting, Cast copper, Cast stainless steel

Annual production

  2000 tons  

Casting surface roughness  Ra5.4~12.5

Material srandrad


Casting dimension tolerance  CT8
Weight range  0.2-50Kg
The largest size


Aluminum alloy can be welded by inert gas protection law. After welding, it has good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and meets the requirements of structure materials.

Aluminum can be treated by anodic oxidation and coloring, with high hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and electrical insulation after treatment. Through chemical pretreatment, it can be further enhanced by electroplating, electrophoresis, spraying, etc.

Cast aluminum alloys usually require hard anodization to improve their properties. Cast aluminum alloys are commonly used in al/si and al/cu alloys. Al/si alloys have good casting properties and abrasion resistance and are widely used in structural parts and components. Al - cu system is also a common casting alloy, which is mainly used for sand castings with large static and static load and uncomplicated shape. Casting aluminum alloy needs to improve the electrolyte and power source waveform because it contains non-metal elements. The electrolyte can generally add some metal salts or organic acids in sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid - oxalic acid - tartaric acid solution, sulfuric acid - dry oil solution. The mode of power supply is generally changed to ac-dc superposition, asymmetric current, impulse current, etc. Electric castings should be treated before oxidation to avoid concentration of current.

High tin bronze coating has beautiful silvery white luster and good polishing performance, with high hardness and wear resistance. It is used in industrial design to replace silver or chromium as the reflective equipment, instrument and instrument, household goods and other protective -- decorative surface coating.

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