Cast Aluminium Lid

Cast Aluminium Lid

Brand Name:Rongbao
Model Number:OEM
Place of Origin:Xi'an China
Casting Process:Die Casting
Minimum Order Quantity:100pc

Product Details

Product Specification





Surface Roughness  


Dimension Tolerance  


Payment Terms  

 T/T, L/C

Delivery Time  

 20~30 workdays


 Bubble Wrap, Carton, Wooden Case, Pallet


Characteristics Of Casting Production

Casting production has different characteristics from other processes, mainly due to wide adaptability, need of materials and equipment, environmental pollution. Casting production will produce dust, harmful gas and noise pollution to the environment, more serious than other mechanical manufacturing process, need to take measures to control.

The trend of casting products development is to require castings with better overall performance, higher precision, less allowance and smoother surface. In addition, the demand for energy conservation and the society's appeal to restore the natural environment are also increasingly high. In order to meet these requirements, new casting alloys will be developed and new smelting processes and equipment will be developed accordingly.

The degree of mechanization and automation of casting production is increasing, and more flexible production will be developed to expand the adaptability to different batches and varieties of production. New technologies that save energy and raw materials will be given priority, while new processes and equipment that produce little or no pollution will be given priority. The quality control technology will have new development in the inspection of each working procedure, nondestructive inspection and stress measurement.

Production Process

aluminum foundry

Quality Control

aluminum casting


Production Equipment(Partial)

casting aluminum facilities

Packaging & Delivery

casting aluminum factory

Office & Factory

aluminum casting foundry

Our Customers

aluminum casting company


1. What kind of material do you usually use?

 A356(ZL101A) and A380(YL112).

2. What information should be provided for accurate quotation?

Product's 2D drawings, 3D models and quantity required.

In the drawing, there should be maximum, minumum wall thickness, maximum profile size, dimensional accuracy requirements, surface quality requirements, casting materials and other technical requirements.

3. What about the wall thickness of the casting products?

For low pressure & gracity & sand casting: appr.5mm;

For die casting: ≥2mm.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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