Cast Aluminum Support

Cast Aluminum Support

Brand Name: Rongbao
Model Number: OEM
Certification: ISO9001
Place of Origin: Xi'an China
Material: A356 Casting Process: Sand Casting
Minimum Order Quantity: 100pc

Product Details

Product Specification






 Bubble Wrap, Carton, Wooden Case, Pallet

Delivery Time  

 20~30 workdays

Payment Terms   T/T, L/C

Surface Roughness  


Dimension Tolerance  



Quality Control

aluminum casting

Production Process

aluminum foundry

Packaging & Delivery

casting aluminum factory      

Production Equipment(Partial)

casting aluminum facilities

Office & Factory

aluminum casting foundry

Our Customers

aluminum casting company

Additional Introduction

Aluminum Alloys Naming Rules

Usually, the naming of international grade aluminium alloy consists of four digits plus status code (one letter plus several digits).

For example: 6 0 6 1-T 6 5 1

The specific meaning is as follows:

First digit:

The main alloying elements are coded as follows:.

1: Pure aluminium, aluminium content not less than 99.00%







8: Other Elements

9: Standby group

Second digit:

Indicates the control of the limit content of alloying elements or impurities.

0: indicates that there is no special control on the limit content of impurities

1-9: indicates special control over the limit content of one or more single impurities or alloying elements.

Third and fourth digits:

Pure aluminum (the first place of the brand name is 1) : represents the two places after the decimal point in the lowest aluminum percent content, such as 1050 aluminum content of 99.50% other alloys (the first place of the brand name is 2~9) : the two Numbers have no special significance and are only used to identify different alloys in the same group, and the second place represents the modification situation. If bit 2 is 0, it is the original alloy. If it is 1-9, it is indicated as modified alloy

Fifth digit:

Basic status code (GB/T16475-1996)

F: Free processing state, suitable for processing products in the forming process without mechanical properties requirements;

O: Annealed state, with 1 digit Arabic numeral except 0 affixed

H: Work hardening state, suitable for products that increase strength by hardening (this product can reduce some strength by heat treatment), often suffixed with more than two Arabic digits;W: in the state of solid solution heat treatment (an unstable state), it is only applicable to the alloy with natural aging at room temperature after solid solution heat treatment.Such as, W 1/2 hours

T: Stable state (different from F, O and H) after heat treatment. It is suitable for products with stable state after heat treatment (which can also be hardened by work). The letter T is always affixed with more than one Arabic numeral.


All the products on our website indicate the ranges we can manufacture and our production capability. 

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