Cast Aluminum Prototype

Cast Aluminum Prototype

The model can be made of wood, plastic, gypsum, clay, gypsum mold can also use clay or wax.

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Introduction of Casting Molds

Due to the improvement of casting level, more and more patterns, bottom plates and frame shapes have been made of ductile iron or high-strength alloy gray cast iron with higher strength and abrasion resistance, while vermicular graphite cast iron with better heat and fatigue resistance has also been used to make hot core box materials.

In the past, steel was mainly used to make standard parts and structural parts in the sand mold casting mold, but less used to make the casting mold body, because the service life of carbon steel is not higher than ductile iron or low alloy gray iron, and alloy steel is very expensive.

Wood molds are widely used in China. They are mostly used in hand moulding or small batch production. However, with the improvement of environmental protection awareness and the limitation of poor wood processing performance, solid mold casting is gradually replacing wood mold casting.

Solid mold casting is made of foam plastic sheets, cut and pasted into the desired shape, and finally poured into castings. Compared with wood mold, this method has shorter cycle and lower cost. The application of plastic mould is on the rise, especially that of machinable plastics.

The aluminum alloy mold's weight is light, the size precision is high, therefore its application is also widespread. But there has been a recent decline in the use of plastic molds and cast iron molds in some markets.

Cast iron mold is the first choice of mass casting production, it has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, good processing, low cost, long service life, and so on.


Die casting mold cavity material requires high cold and hot fatigue resistance, good fracture toughness and thermal stability.

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