Cast Aluminium Outlets

Cast Aluminium Outlets

Brand Name:Rongbao
Model Number:OEM
Place of Origin:Xi'an China
Casting Process:Die Casting

Product Details

Product Specification



Casting Process  

 Die casting

Surface Roughness  


Dimension Tolerance  


Package   Bubble Wrap, Carton, Wooden Case, Pallet



Delivery Time  

 20~30 workdays

Payment Terms  

 T/T, L/C

Casting Process

permanent mold casting

  ● Part drawing

  ● Casting process drawing

  ● Raw material

  ● Modeling and core making

  ● Melting and pouring

  ● Cleaning and inspection


The mechanism can be explained by the thin film theory, that is, the passivation is caused by the action of metal and oxidation, and a very thin, compact, well-covered and firmly adsorbed passivation film is formed on the metal surface. This membrane exists independently, usually as a compound that oxidizes metals. It ACTS as a complete separation between the metal and the corrosive medium, preventing the metal from contacting with the corrosive medium, thus basically stopping the metal from dissolving and forming a blunt state to achieve the anti-corrosion effect.

Advantages of passivation

Compared with the traditional physical sealing method, the passivation treatment has the feature of absolutely not increasing the workpiece thickness and changing the color, which improves the precision and added value of the product and makes the operation more convenient.

Because the passivating process is carried out in a non-reactive state, passivating agent can be used repeatedly, so it has a longer life and is more economical.

Passivating promotes the formation of oxygen molecule structure passivating film on metal surface, which is compact, stable in performance and has self-repairing function in air at the same time. Therefore, compared with the traditional method of anti-rust oil, passivating film formed by passivating is more stable and more resistant to corrosion.

Quality Control

aluminum casting

Production Process

aluminum foundry

Packaging & Delivery

casting aluminum factory      

Production Equipment(Partial)

casting aluminum facilities

Office & Factory

aluminum casting foundry

Our Customers

aluminum casting company

Our Advantages

★ High quality & high precision products;

★ Complete facilities;

★ High customer satisfaction;

★ 14 years of production, import and export experience;

★ Reasonable price;

★ Good after-sales service;

★ Experienced technicians.


1. What kind of material do you usually use?

     A356(ZL101A) and A380(YL112).

2. What information should be provided for quotation?

● Product's 2D drawings;

● 3D models;

● Quantity required.

3. Why do you like to use A356(ZL101A) for casting?

good fluidity;

no tendency of hot cracking;

small thread shrinkage;

good air tightness;

small specific gravity;

good corrosion resistance;

easy gas welding

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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