Cast Aluminium Lamp Holder

Cast Aluminium Lamp Holder

Brand Name:Rongbao
Model Number:OEM
Place of Origin:Xi'an China
Casting Process:Gravity Casting
Minimum Order Quantity:100pc

Product Details

Product Specification



Casting Process  

 Gravity Casting

Surface Roughness  


Dimension Tolerance  


Package   Bubble Wrap, Carton, Wooden Case, Pallet



Delivery Time  

 20~30 workdays

Payment Terms  

 T/T, L/C

Casting Process

permanent mold casting

  ● Part drawing

  ● Casting process drawing

  ● Raw material

  ● Modeling and core making

  ● Melting and pouring

  ● Cleaning and inspection

Casting post processing and molding

1. Casting post-treatment the process of heat treatment, shaping, rust prevention and rough machining of the cleaned castings. Casting post - treatment is the last step of casting equipment production.

2. Casting liquidation the process of removing the casting from the mold, removing excess parts beyond the body, and polishing and finishing the internal and external surfaces of the casting equipment. Important work has clear core and core iron

3. Casting nonferrous alloys used to pour castings are a class of casting equipment. The main ones are cast copper alloy, cast aluminum alloy, cast magnesium alloy, etc.

4. Process equipment or consumable parts that simulate casting shape to form mold cavity. In order to ensure the formation of the required cavity, appearance should have enough strength, stiffness.

5. The riser is a supplementary part added above or on the side of the casting equipment to avoid casting defects. In a mold, the riser cavity is a container for holding liquid metal.

6. Core box is the process casting equipment that makes core sand into core. It can be made of wood, plastic, metal or other materials.

Quality Control

aluminum casting

Production Process

aluminum foundry

Packaging & Delivery

casting aluminum factory      

Production Equipment(Partial)

casting aluminum facilities

Office & Factory

aluminum casting foundry

Our Customers

aluminum casting company


1. How many pieces are usually suitable for casting?

Minimum order quantity is 100 commonly. 

MOQ varies according to weight, casting method and difficulty.

2. What kind of material do you usually use?

     A356(ZL101A) and A380(YL112).

3. What's the difference between A356 and A380?

Alloy CodeAlloy GradesMechanical Properties
(Different by casting methods)

Tensile Strength/


Brinell HardnessHEW

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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