Cast Aluminium Cap End

Cast Aluminium Cap End

Brand Name:Rongbao
Model Number:OEM
Place of Origin:Xi'an China
Casting Process:Sand Casting

Product Details

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Product Specification

Casting Process  

 Sand Casting


 Bubble Wrap, Carton, Wooden Case, Pallet



Trade Terms  
Delivery Time   20~30 workdays

Payment Terms  

 T/T, L/C

Surface Roughness  


 Dimension Tolerance  



Casting Process

casting process

Quality Test

Nondestructive testing——Eddy current testing

Eddy current testing is suitable for inspection of defects generally not larger than 6 ~ 7MM deep below the surface. Eddy current testing is divided into two methods: the method of placing coil and the method of passing through coil. : when the specimen is placed near the coil of alternating current on, into the alternating magnetic field of the specimens can be induced in the specimen perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field phase, the shape of vortex flow of current (eddy current), eddy current will produce a and motivation in the opposite direction from the magnetic field magnetic field, reduce part of the original magnetic field in coil, thus cause the coil impedance change. If the casting defects in the surface, the electrical characteristics of the eddy current distortion happens, to detect the presence of defects, the main disadvantage of eddy current testing is not intuitive display detected defect size and shape, normally only determine the defect on the surface of the position and depth, and it small openings on the workpiece surface defect detection sensitivity than penetrant testing.

Quality Control

aluminum casting

Production Process

aluminum foundry

Packaging & Delivery

casting aluminum factory      

Production Equipment(Partial)

casting aluminum facilities

Office & Factory

aluminum casting foundry

Our Customers

aluminum casting company

Our Advantages

★ 14 years of production, import and export experience;

★ High quality & high precision products;

★ Experienced technicians;

★ Complete facilities;

★ Reasonable price;

★ Good after-sales service;

★ High customer satisfaction.

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